Stones in Stock

Time Circles always has a good selection of decorative garden boulders in stock and available to view. This includes seat stones, holed stones, some symbol stones, old gate posts as well as a number of small carved interior stones.

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Three seat stones

Three seat stones

  • Three recumbent / seat stones. The two on the left are natural Cornish white/grey quartz, both with lovely quartz veins. The stone at top right is Wiltshire Sarsen stone. All three stones are a similar size
  • Width 600mm / 2ft
  • Depth 600mm / 2ft
  • Ref: 6600
Preseli Bluestone seat stone

Preseli Bluestone seat stone

  • Preseli Bluestone seat stone from Pembrokeshire, West Wales
  • Width 3' / 900mm
  • Depth 1' / 300mm
  • Ref: 2917
Cornish granite holed stone

Cornish granite holed stone

  • Square shaped Cornish granite holed stone of great character
  • Installed height 2' 8" / 800mm
  • Ref: 2916
Classic Cornish granite standing stone

Cornish granite standing stone

  • Classic Cornish granite standing stone – beautifully weathered
  • Installed height 6' 6" / 2m
  • Ref: 2912
Cornish granite holed stone

Cornish granite holed stone.

  • A gem of a holed stone!
  • Installed height 3' 3" / 1m
  • Ref: 2915
Preseli Bluestone from West Wales

Preseli Bluestone Monolith

  • Fantastic rare standing stone from West Wales
  • Height 1.4m
  • Widest part 1m
  • Depth 400mm
  • Ref: 2910
Preseli Bluestone monolith

Preseli Bluestone Monolith

  • Wonderful rare Preseli Bluestone monolith, weighing around 3.5 tonnes
  • Height 7'
  • Width 2'
  • Widest part 2ft
  • Depth 2'
  • Ref: 2908
Welsh Pennant Needle stone

Welsh Pennant Standing Stone

  • Classic needle shape with organic relief patterns
  • Height 1.7m
  • Width 400mm
  • Depth 150mm
  • Ref: 2907

Wiltshire Sarsen stone

  • Classic solid Sarsen standing stone with a bottlenose dolphin top
  • The surface is smooth and has a lovely warm red colour
  • Installed height 5ft/1.5m
  • Ref: 2904

Wiltshire Sarsen Stone

  • A fantastic standing stone
  • Big and very solid with lots of character
  • Installed height 6ft 6"/2m
  • Ref: 2903

Wiltshire Sarsen stone

  • A super recumbent seat stone
  • The surface has interesting natural markings which are similar to ancient rock carvings found in the north of England and Scotland
  • The stone is 2ft/0.6m high
  • The top surface area is 6ft/1.8m x6ft/1.8m
  • It's a big stone approx weight 3.5 tons
  • Ref: 2913
Cornish granite symbol stone

Cornish granite symbol stone

  • Double spiral, diamond and serpent symbols
  • Installed height 6ft 6in / 2.0m
  • Ref: 5549
Large Preseli Bluestone boulder

Large Preseli Bluestone boulder

  • A spotted Dolerite standing stone as at Stonehenge
  • A very solid stone
  • Installed height 2ft 6in
  • Ref: 0551
Wiltshire Sarsen stone

Wiltshire Sarsen stone

  • A spotted Dolerite as at Stonehenge
  • Loads of Sarsen character
  • Would make a perfect seat stone – see the recess with feather
  • Installed height 3-4ft
  • Ref: 8631
Large Cornish granite holed stone

Weathered granite holed stone

  • Lovely big holed stone of beautifully weathered Cornish granite with lots of character
  • Installed height 6ft 6"
  • Approx. weight 4 tons
  • Ref: 567
Weathered granite holed stone

Cornish granite holed stone

  • Dramatic weathered Cornish granite holed stone with great character
  • Installed height 1.8m/6ft
  • Approx. weight 2 tons
  • Ref: 973
Wilshire Sarsen standing stone

Wiltshire Sarsen standing stone

  • Interesting stone with lots of Sarsen character, tapering to a striking point
  • Installed height 4ft
  • Ref: 9625
Hand carved Om symbol on Welsh Pennant stone

Welsh Pennant standing stone

  • Hand carved Om symbol on tall Welsh Pennant standing stone
  • Installed height 1m / 3.3
  • Ref: 7849