Interior Stones

Time Circles always has a good selection of decorative garden boulders in stock and available to view.

This includes seat stones, holed stones, some symbol stones, old gate posts as well as a number of small carved stones.

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Spotted Preseli Bluestone Core sculpture. Really wonderful piece and a one off. / Diameter 20" diameter x depth 12" / Price: £490 / Ref: 2041
Preseli bluestone boulder from Pembrokeshire, West Wales.Hand carved with a circular ring design - showing off the interior colour of the stone - and a central diamond which has been gilded / 12" x 11" x 5" / Price: £280 / Ref: 4944
Pyramid shaped river washed limestone from the River Tees, Co Durham. Hand carved with the Celtic triple spiral design. Dimensions: 2ft x 2ft x 6". Suitable for interior and exterior use. / Price: £390 / Ref: 2360


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