Headstone Info

On this page, we hope to answer your questions about Time Circles’ bespoke headstones.


  1. You view potential stones at our stone yard or we can send you photos. Local authorities have guidelines on size and stone type for headstones. We can advise you on this.
  2. You design your own headstone: wording and style of engraving and / or symbol design. We are happy to assist.
  3. Time Circles creates a sketch of the design of your headstone. This is sent to you for approval. If changes are required, we do another sketch.
  4. Time Circles sends you a quotation for the stone, including delivery and installation.
  5. An application permit for a headstone is usually needed. If you wish, we can speak to the local authority or Church concerned.
  6. Time Circles will deliver and professionally install the headstone. We are fully insured for this type of work


The main types of stone we use are: Welsh Pennant stone from Pembrokeshire, Wiltshire Sarsen Stone, Preseli Bluestone, Cornish granite and River Washed limestone. See stone types for more about our stones.


Inscriptions and symbols are hand carved. Sometimes we use paint or gold leaf to enhance contrast between carving and the natural surface of the stone.


We offer a complete service from sourcing the right stone if we do not already have it, to delivery and installation. Typically, prices for Time circles’ bespoke headstones start from £2,000.

Please contact us or call us on +44 (0)7818 403247 if you would like to find out more about our bespoke natural headstones.